How to Measure Your Foot Size

There are many ways people do to find the right shoe number for their feet. One of them is certainly the most favorite way, which I also do most of the time, trying directly in the shoe store. This needs to be done because sometimes, each shoe brand has a different size standard. And this way is also what I usually do if you want to shop online, try in store to know the right number, new order online to be cheaper Espadrille homme price.

To measure the length of your foot and know the number of your shoes, then the first thing you do is to stick the paper on the floor using tape. After that put your feet on the paper. Make sure the paper can hold large legs. Then draw your foot pattern on the paper. If the above process is finished, you just measure the longest point of your foot from the pattern depicted on the paper. In this way, then you already know how long your legs are.