These Three Things Become the Reason Someone is Reluctant to Learn a Foreign Language

Any foreign language is a very unique language and you can learn if you want to. One of the most studied languages ??is Arabic. Many people are studying it at but unfortunately, there are still many people who are reluctant to learn a foreign language for several things.

Some of the reasons they usually spend are about themselves and so on. There are several reasons why many people still do not want to learn a foreign language, such as

1. Too old to learn it
Many people assume that he is too old to learn a foreign language and assume that their memories are no longer as sharp as the ancient times. In fact, with a great willingness, regardless of their age, they can learn a foreign language well.

2. Do not have time
Dalma learn a foreign language, even you can learn it from various media, such as English that you can learn through movies, books or even games on mobile yo So it is with other foreign languages ??that you can learn anywhere