The Importance of Having Quality Article for Your SEO

One of the advantages you will get when hiring the experienced SEO expert UK is the content of good quality, which is required for any SEO campaign. The expert is not only experienced but also skilled in creating the quality content (article) which then help you boost the ranking of your site on every search engine. Did you know the best article for SEO implementation? The following are the characteristics of the good article, which you can use as the content of your search engine optimization.

Have Keywords

The characteristics of the first SEO quality article is to have keywords or keywords. This keyword will help the visitors to find your article in the search engine.

Have Meta Keywords

If you try to write down the keyword “Unique Unusual Hotels” on Google search engine, chances are you will find my article. Well, there will be a sentence that appears on the search page that you will not actually find in the article.

Has Image

The characteristics of the next qualified SEO article is to have a picture that became a companion content. Although Google Robot cannot actually read the Image, we still have to create at least one image.

Have Inlink and Outline

The characteristics of the next qualified SEO article is to have a link that leads to the article on our own Blog and also leads to other people’s websites that are in line with the intent. Inlink serves to reinforce that we are discussing it and Google Robot will see that we are more discussed it than other blogs.

Has Short URL Link

Characteristics of the latest Qualified Articles is to have a short URL link and have keywords. Commonly called Slurg. The characteristics of qualified SEO articles will surely make use of URL as a keyword booster. Similarly, this article that uses URLs with keywords in it is – feature-quality-SEO-articles. With this Google, Robot will detect your article is first searched.