The simple yet useful tips for repairing your own roof

Replace tiles that are old and look obsolete on the surface. No need to wait until the roof tile cracked or broken, if you think the tile has seen rotten and dull because of age that is old enough, then the tile needs to be replaced. However, first remove the spikes or glues between tiles before releasing the tiles one by one. Meanwhile, if you’d like to hire the expert roofers instead, we recommend you the trusted Frisco roofing company.


Then, check the feasibility of the protective coating under the tile. This layer is usually made of plastic or metal that serves to block rainwater to indirectly enter the house. Drop-in tiles still allow rainwater to seep in. However, with this protective layer, water can be accommodated. For that, this protective layer needs to be checked, whether the condition is still good, no holes, or bends. This material is very easy to muddy and mossy because it often holds rainwater. If the condition is not good, immediately replace the new by removing the spikes on the board were laying this layer.

After that, see also the condition of the board where to place the protective layer, if there are spikes that are missing when you remove the protective layer, then you need to add a new spike.

And finally, put a new protective layer in place. Make sure its position is right so that rainwater seepage can be accommodated properly.