There Are Some Causes Of Friction In The Wall House That You Should Know With Definite

Typically, homes will require a good foundation and have quality materials for the foundation. this will certainly make the results of the foundation have perfect results and no more damage and crack that occurred. If at home you often find a crack or damage, then you will need a concrete crack repair.

Cracks on the walls of the house in general, there are several types and each type has several different causes. Here are some causes of damage to the walls of the house that you should know.

– The foundations are down
If the cause of the crack is due to structural cracking, then the solution you can use is to create a new foundation adjacent. The first thing to do is to do the compaction on the ground under the new location to be built. Thereafter, it is accompanied by the loading of new building buffer columns so that the burden of the iron load can be well distributed.

– Damage to structures on beams
However, if the cause of the crack due to damage to the beam structure, it is necessary to note in advance whether it is possible to create additional columns of buildings on the bottom. Or another solution you can use is to inject with a special chemical fluid as a crack. After that can be done the addition of dimension beam with outside reinforcement.

– Damage to the structure of the building buffer column
An additional column can be created if the damage found lies in the structure of the buffer column. the additional column to be constructed will protect the damaged column by dividing the distributed load on that column. another way that you can also use is to use the injection system n as before with epoxy liquids to strengthen the damaged columns so that the cracks in the columns are not getting bigger.