Fixing Cracked Wall With Injection System

One way to repair a cracked wall is by using a syringe system or better known as an injection system, but before the repair process using this system should be checked first whether the type of damage that is present on the wall crack, the purpose is to avoid error in the repair process. Because repairing a cracked wall with an injection system can only be applied to a fine type of crack or hair that occurs on the part of the structure. If the crack only on the surface only when it is better to use another system because it is more practical and easy. This injection system is used to repair cracked internal elements or walls inside and can not be reached if using a regular gluing system. The material used for injection is epoxy resin, this material has dilute properties so it is easier to put into the crack or crack hole, how to enter it usually through the pump, so you do not have difficulty it will be better if using services that are expert at Lewisville foundation repair .

Before the injection process is done, there should be a hole made first using a certain distance, this hole serves as a way or access to the liquid injection to enter into the cracks that are broken and cracked, then the other walls are also cracked then given a layer of plaster or a cover so that no one leaks, after which the pump is pressed and the injection material is inserted into the crack or crack hole to the brim. The sign is full is the other part of the hole will be filled and there are injection materials that flow and exit. This method can be applied to a small wall crack but has a size deep enough and cause cavities on the wall although not visible from the outside.

Pumping equipment for this injection can use a hydraulic pump or air pistol, or can also use a tube that is usually used to do the painting, which must be considered is when the pressure on the pump machine must be done with caution because if the pressure is too hard and excessive it will make the hole or crack bigger and wider and when using a compressor then you should be able to adjust the air pressure using a pressure measurement of four bars.