5 Etiquette in building a fence for your home

In addition to taking into account aspects of security, splendor, and beauty, when building our fence house must also take into account the social aspects. As the author has listed below, complete with the explanation. Let’s check these out! In the meantime, you can also contact the trusted fence builder near you to help with your fence building project.

1. The fence does not cover the wind

Let us not build a hedge from a dense brick pile. Give the bars that ensure the wind keeps blowing into the neighbor’s house. Neighbors are also entitled to wind gusts. Do not take them away.

2. The height of the fence should not exceed our neck

The best height of the fence is should not exceed the height of the neck of an adult, so we can still see each other and better greet with the next door neighbor.
When we cook good food we can easily put our food through the fence. If by chance our family is not at home then neighbors will be very easy to look into our homes to make sure no thieves or wild animals are hanging around.

3. We also should make the door that is not locked on the right side, left, and back

In addition to the main door in front as far as possible we also have to build a side and rear doors. However, it should not be locked in order to be opened from any side. Guaranteed relationship with the neighbors more familiar. Our good intentions to our neighbors have been pointed out by building the connecting door. The door implies that “We do not want to live alone”.

4. Fences do not close the morning/afternoon sunlight

Neighbors have the right to get the morning sun/afternoon. They want to hang clothes, pillows, and mattresses. Do not take away their rights.

5. The fence is built on its own land

If this is the case. If we can not we build a fence just above the boundary line. Because the edges will surely be hit by neighboring land. Probably only half an inch. But that’s the beginning of a bad relationship.