7 Important tips for choosing a kindergarten for your kids

Generally, parents are confused when they will send their children to school. But it is natural because parents want the best education for their children. Including choosing the right kindergarten, because now pre-school education or kindergarten is often considered very important to be aligned with other formal education. In the meantime, check out the recommended Kindergarten School Bangkok as well.

So you are not confused in choosing the right kindergarten for your child you should consider some of the following tips:

1. Notice the quality of teachers in kindergarten, the quality of teachers not only have to hold a bachelor’s degree, but the kindergarten teacher must have the ability to provoke the child so that he can be active in creating, and the teacher must also be able to stimulate how the curiosity child. Also note also the number of existing teachers. At least in one class, there are two teachers who can help the child in activities in the classroom.

2. Select the facilities and facilities in the kindergarten. Adjust to what is needed by the child, this can develop the needs of the motor system, cognitive, social and child emotion. Not a luxurious building that became the benchmark but the cleanliness, security, and benefits itself.

3. Consider the school location as well as a fairly safe school setting. Choose a distance of approximately 15 minutes from your home so that your child is not too exhausted when he reached school.

4. Note some of the requirements, policies up to the school rules. Choose a school on condition of admission or school admission fee which is still reasonable. Ask how the school programs are offered. And whether the burden of the lesson that the teacher gave has considered the child’s condition or not.

5. Choose a school that emphasizes principles such as learning is great fun and teaches children that learning is a process, not fixed in value or outcome.

6. Note also the time to learn for your child every day. Choose a fun learning time, make your child so as not to get bored easily.

7. Before you decide you should do some direct surveys on some schools to be an option. You should also consider your child’s interests and abilities with the various programs in the school.